Our comeback plan

Re-opening is structured with a revised schedule and training options which will evolve as we proceed through this process. We will continue to serve in-person and virtual training to restore confidence with in-person training while keeping the safety of everyone entering the Academy the highest priority.

In person training: Dojo Preparations

  •  The training floor is marked following CDC social distancing guidelines. For additional safety, we structured student capacity to allow 6 student class maximum, which will include 1-2 sensei's on the training floor as well.

  • Students must pre-register for class via our mystudio app online prior to arrival at the dojo. Class times are set and are on a first come, first serve basis when pre-registering, with weekly attendance set at 2 in-person classes, per student, for the time being. 

  • Sanitizer stations are located at the front and back of the training floor with hand sanitizer and wipes.

  • Classes are non-contact, no physical touching of other students, however we will continue to use pads and other equipment for training, which are disinfected after every use, using sanitizing wipes and sprays. 

  • Spectators/Guests are NOT permitted at this time. 

  • Face Masks are REQUIRED for training.

  • Students with a slight fever or cough will not be permitted to train in-person (100.4 or higher).

  • The restroom is off limits, for the time being, unless it is an emergency. This does not apply to the SKA Tiger's Class (8-9 year olds).

  • Arrive in your full gi, ready to train. Additional equipment is not required at this time. 

Teaching & In-Class Procedures

  • Masks are required for students during training.

  • Social Distance LINE-UP entering and leaving the Academy. The main door will remain open so students touch little surfaces as possible.

  • Classes go live via ZoomLink for parents to watch from their car.

  • Zoom Training Classes will be available Mondays & Wednesdays @ 6:30pm for those continuing training from home.

  • Retain social distancing during training. We practice Bowing vs handshakes and feature "air High-5's".

Post-Class Procedures

  • Students are to leave the training space only after hands are sanitized and will be dismissed one at a time within 5 minutes of the conclusion of class. Please pick your child up ON TIME.

  • Clean & Disinfect ALL mats, common areas, bathroom and training surfaces BEFORE next class is admitted. 

  • Nightly: Deep clean with Air Purifiers to eliminate any bacteria or viruses in the air.

Our goal is to continue to provide quality instruction while keeping the health and safety of our Academy members our top priority. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Shotokan Karate Academy, Escalon

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